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The Caribbean island of Antigua has over 360 beaches and is the perfect beach destination for anyone who is into beach activities. From swimming and walking on a white sand beach, to snorkeling, diving and exploring the coral reef, here in Antigua you will find a beach for every taste. So if you are thinking of a beach vacation in Antigua you will find some tips and information below that will help you plan your trip.

Getting to Antigua

All flights arrive and depart from the VC Bird International Airport (ANU). The airport is about five miles outside of the Antiguan capital of St. John’s. Some airlines offer connections to Antigua, for example: American Airlines from Charlotte, Delta from Atlanta, and United Airlines from Newark, so if you are planning to fly to Antigua there are some seasonal and year-round options. Alternatively another way to get to Antigua is via cruise ship. The island is a popular port for Caribbean cruise liners, and numerous cruise ships dock here. If you are coming from the United States you will get a six-month tourist stamp, so a visa to visit Antigua is not required.

Getting Around

There is an affordable island transportation service, which we don’t recommend because it is largely unreliable. Best is to rent a car because that way you will have more flexibility to explore the island’s wonders. If you decide to rent a car you will need an Antiguan driver’s license, which is easy to obtain and can be issued by most car rental agencies. It requires a valid driver’s license from home. Some of the roads are a bit bumpy and narrow, so if you don’t feel comfortable driving, you may consider getting around by taxi. Even though it could be a bit more costly, the taxi drivers are usually very friendly and can give you travel tips or additional information for your destination.

Best Time to Travel

Overall Antigua has a pleasant climate year round, but what’s considered peak season is from mid-December to early April when visitors from Europe and North America come to the island to escape the cold winter at home. From mid-April to the end of November the climate is a bit more humid and there might be more tropical storms. There is also a hurricane season that is between June and September.


If you are coming from the United States, the U.S. Dollar will be accepted across the island. Many prestigious stores and restaurants also accept all standard credit cards. If you plan to use local currency you will need the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. It is best to exchange currency in banks where rates are better.

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