Best Turks and Caicos Beaches


Located in the Atlantic Ocean southeast of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos is an archipelago of 40 low-lying islands. It is a great travel destination if you are looking for picture-perfect Caribbean beaches. The gateway island of Providenciales, known as Provo, is home to beautiful Grace Bay Beach, where you’ll also find many restaurants and shops nearby. There are also many fantastic off-the-beaten path beaches if you are looking for seclusion. Below are the top five beaches in Turks and Caicos.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach is the most popular beach in Turks and Caicos, home to many luxury resorts. The bay features a beautiful barrier reef system that is home to a large variety of marine life. Situated on the north shore of Provo, the bay’s soft white sand and clear water are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying a beach stroll.

Leeward Beach

If you are looking for peace and quiet, Leeward Beach is a great place to visit. It’s the perfect white sand beach with turquoise water and a tranquil atmosphere. You won’t find any large resorts here, so the beach feels quiet and secluded. Offshore, the sheltered channels on the eastern side of the beach are great for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and wakeboarding. Leeward Beach is also a great spot for enjoying a picnic on the beach.

Half Moon Bay

This beautiful bay is a combination of a beach and a sandbar lagoon, located between Water Cay and Little Water Cay. It is the top boat excursion destination in Turks and Caicos. Not only will you find a beautiful tropical beach here, but a shallow lagoon on the south side of the beach as well. It is a great place for nature lovers. The unique Turks and Caicos rock iguana can be frequently seen scurrying about the sand dunes, and the turquoise waters are home to tiny lemon sharks. The beach itself is lined by palm trees that provide some shade. Most visitors visit Half Moon Bay by boat cruise or yacht charter, but it’s also possible to kayak over from Providenciales.

North Bay Beach

This hidden gem of a beach is often overlooked. Located on the quiet island of Salt Cay, North Bay Beach is one of the finest stretches of sand in Turks and Caicos. It combines everything that makes a perfect tropical beach – powdery soft white and peach-colored sand, clear azure blue water, small reefs for snorkeling, shallow wave breaks for stand-up paddleboarding and a calm atmosphere perfect for a picnic on the beach. North Bay Beach doesn’t see many visitors, so you are likely to have the beach to yourself.

Pine Cay Beach

Located on the north shore of Pine Cay is the gem of a beach that has to be seen to be believed. The beach boasts pristine sand and calm turquoise waters, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The Meridian Club is the only resort on this coast, and there are a handful of rental villas where guests can stay. What makes this beach unique is that it is a great destination if you would like to recreate a Maho Beach style photo of a plane landing over the beach. That’s because the Pine Cay airstrip is located just over the dune. There won’t be any large jets landing on Pine Cay but only small planes, but it’s still a great photo op!


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