Celebrate New Year’s in Turks and Caicos


New Year’s on the beach? Why not! Turks and Caicos is the place to go if you want to experience an island-style holiday season with lots of food, festivals and fun things to do. The islands have been known as an exclusive destination for travelers who are looking for luxurious accommodations and services, so spending New Year’s Eve here will not leave you disappointed.  Island resorts are all lit up and decorated with holiday decor, music and flavors.

A very popular local festival is Junkanoo that takes place as soon as the clock strikes midnight.  The roots of the festival are connected with the time of slavery when slaves were given a day off around Christmas to spend time with their loved ones. So after midnight come visit the streets of Grace Bay and you will see islanders dressed in unique cultural costumes dancing and singing the whole night. Enjoy unique, delightful local music produced by a blend of goat skin drums, guitars and carpenter saws.

Just like at any other location New Year’s Eve means a time to reflect over the events of the past year and a time to have new dreams and goals for the upcoming new year. To make the moment festive you will find many local restaurants and resorts offering special activities and food for that evening. A very popular delicacy around New Year’s Eve is Conch – a world-famous sea snail delicacy that you will find on the menu under names such as conch wontons, conch fritters, conch salad and conch stew. These and other delicacies will be served for you on the beach or another romantic setting. To take the experience once step further you will be able to enjoy beach bonfires, barbecues and fireworks on Grace Bay Beach.  The fireworks ceremony is a major highlight that you can’t miss because you will be able to see it from one end of the island  all the way to the other. Take your camera to capture this special moment when the sky is lit on fire with colorful displays.

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