Getting Married in Antigua


Imagine it’s your wedding day – you and your loved one holding hands surrounded by classic Caribbean scenery – palm trees, white sands, azure blue water and a tropical warm breeze creasing your hair. If this is how you have always dreamed of saying “I do”, come visit the island of Antigua. Getting married here is easy, inexpensive and there is no waiting time. There are three easy steps: visit the Ministry of Justice which is located on lower Nevis Street in downtown St. John’s, bring your valid passports, complete the application and pay the application fees (a registration fee of US $40, marriage license fee of US $150 and Marriage Officer’s fee of US $50).

All you need is your valid passport in order to proof your citizenship. If you have had previous marriages, bring a proof of your divorce papers. If you are a widow or widower you will also need to bring your late spouse’s marriage and death certificate. Please bring all original documents. Necessary copies will be made in the Marriage Office. The legal marriage age in Antigua is 18, but if you are lucky to find your loved one earlier and you are 15+ you will also need to present authorization from your parents or guardians.

Depending on the type of wedding ceremony you desire you will also find a large list of island wedding providers that will serve your needs. Most of the island’s resorts have their own wedding packages that come with a discount rate if you stay with them. All ceremonies are both legal and binding. If you choose, you can get marred in a church. You will need permission from the church authorities where you wish to be married. If you have your own pastor you can ask them to establish contact with the church where you wish to perform your wedding ceremony. Keep in mind some churches will require the couple to attend a pre-nuptial consultation. So if you are planning to get married in a church, keep this in mind and plan ahead.

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