Top Antigua Beaches


Ringed with coral reefs, the island of Antigua is known for its many beautiful beaches. One of the best beaches of the island lies directly north of St. John’s. Dickenson Bay features a mile of white, powdery soft sand and azure calm waters, making it especially attractive for families with small children. It is the archetypal Caribbean beach, the perfect destination for swimming and other water sports. A few hotels, restaurants and beach bars line the beach. Dickenson Bay also features spectacular views, from the lush green hills to the gorgeous sunsets.

Also located just a ten-minute drive from St. John’s is Deep Bay, a great destination for snorkeling as a wreck lies right in the middle of the bay. Almost 100 years ago, the Andes, a ship from Trinidad, sank here and its mast reaches out of the water until today.

Often hailed as the most beautiful beach of Antigua, Half Moon Bay is a beautiful, 1.5 km long curve of light pink and white sand, located on the island’s east shore. The nearshore waters are protected by a reef, but windsurfers find good conditions beyond the reef.

The main public beach on Antigua’s south shore is Pigeon Point Beach. Situated at the mouth of Falmouth Harbour, it has calm and shallow water, making it popular among families with children. Located on Antigua’s southwest corner are three beautiful stretches of sand – Darkwood Beach, Ffrye’s Bay and Crab Hill Bay, which are relatively undeveloped and remote by Antiguan standards. Only a couple of small hotels and beach bars are located here, but the beaches are worth a visit because the sand is stunningly white and the sunset views are superb.

Hawksbill is a collection of four beautiful beaches, one of which is easily accessible to the public. The other three can be reached by going through Hawksbill Resort. The beach was named after the craggy red rocks that protrude from the water just offshore. The public beach is the most popular of the four since you don’t have to be a hotel guest to access it. The beach features soft sand and calm waters. The second and third beaches that are reserved for hotel guests are a bit quieter in nature, and the fourth beach is the only clothing optional beach on Antigua and is located directly in front of Hawksbill Rock. It is a beautiful beach with fine white sand and palm trees that provide shade.

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